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Home Inventory Business Software
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Computerize Your Assets, Business Edition, is designed especially for use in your "Home Inventory Service Business". Everyone knows "TIME IS MONEY" in any business, and our software is specifically designed to expedite the gathering and entry of data for each of your clients. It is a true powerhouse.

Built on the technology and foundation of our flagship product, Computerize Your Assets, Extended Version, for the routine handling of inventory item data entry and other basic functionality, the Business Edition extends the capability to manage an unlimited number of customers/clients. Actually, this software is a "SUPER SET" providing you the ability to complete your customers home inventory in the shortest time possible.

Everything you need to complete an item entry is at your fingertips and available from a single screen. Our policy when designing software is simple and straight forward. Each of the major entry fields, item code, location, category, etc. which will be repeated over and over are actually lookups into separate lookup files.

These special fields are presented on the screen as drop combo entry type. There are special rewards when using these types of fields. As you type into any of these fields the system is silently searching for a match and presenting the match in the entry field. When the desired match is presented simply press the tab key and the complete entry is accepted regardless of the number of characters you actually typed. If the typed entry is not located in the lookup file it is automatically and silently added to the lookup file and will be available the next time the same data is required for the particular field.

We could continue to brag about all the fantastic features built into the software, however there are actually so many it makes it difficult to detail them all on a web page in a manner that makes a great deal of sense. We are so confident our software is what you have been searching for that we are willing to let you try FREE for 45 days. Download the trial version of Computerize Your Assets, Business Edition and try it for your self.

If the trial version does not answer all your questions please contact us. We will give you straight and honest answers to any questions you may have.

Because we have structured our licensing model in such a fashion that you can actually use our software at NO COST TO YOU, reviewing our pricing options now will interest you. It has never been this easy, or affordable, for you someone to profit from their home inventory service business.