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Our home inventory software products are 100% satisfaction guranteed

CYA Software, Inc. guarantees 100% satisfaction on all products and services for 30 days. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, we will cheerfully refund your purchase price.

Typically, you would purchase a software program, pay for it up front for a set price, and accept this as a cost of doing business. Additionally, future upgrades usually come with a price tag as well.

Our marketing concept is quite different from those you have seen. It is flexible, unique and designed with your business, customers and profit in mind.

We are pleased to be able to provide you two licensing models where our "Business Edition" software is available for you to use virtually FREE of charge. We accomplish this through an affiliate ( partnership ) arrangement with your company. Essentially your company becomes a re-seller of our award winning personal home inventory software, Computerize Your Assets - Extended Version. In return, we offer you the use of Computerize Your Assets - Business Edition.

Depending on your business model requirements, we have a third licensing option. This is a direct license purchase.

Please review the pricing options in the table below and choose the one that best fits your business model. You can review more information about each of the licensing options by clicking on the details link for each of the available licenses.

As always, we are here to help so if you still have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer them for you.

Computerize Your Assets Purchase Options
FREEFREE to use - Reports are watermarked as "SAMPLE"details..


Register for your FREE license of CYA Business Edition
SubscriptionQuarterly - Includes all reports & 5 FREE Personal CYA licensesdetails..discontinuedPurchase Quarterly Subscription for CYA Business Edition
PurchasePurchase license - No FREE CYA licenses or discountsdetails..$99.99 / month or $1000.00 / annualPurchase your Full license for CYA Business Edition


Absolutely FREE To Use

A question that continues to surface, and you need to ask yourself, is: "Will my customers call me periodically and have me update their inventory?". The reality of this question is, it probably won't happen.

Consider this. A home inventory is a moving target. Things come and things go. Usually with no regularity. Doesn't it make perfect sense to allow your customer the privilege of updating their own home inventory after you have completed the initial one for them? Here is how we are able to offer you a license to use our home inventory business software FREE of charge.

As part of your service, you purchase a license of Computerize Your Assets, Extended Version for each of your customers and install the software on their computer. These licenses are, of course, offered to you at an attractive discount and you have the option of including the license as part of your service or re-selling it to your customer at retail, or less. The choice is yours.

If you provide the license as part of your service, you would, of course, adjust your home inventory service pricing to allow for this modest additional cost. Again, the licenses you purchase for your customers are available to you at a considerable discount. Everybody wins!

Next, and we have made this simple to accomplish in the Business Edition, you copy/transfer your customers home inventory data set onto their own computer. Your customer now has complete and full access to their own home inventory.

They can take advantage of a host of features the Extended Version has to offer that you are unlikely to be able to provide as part of your service. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you are concerned about their future well being. Don't you thinks so?

Below is just a sampling of the features your customer will have available to them.

  • Emergency Agency listing and contact history

  • Estate Planning

  • Individual Owner Reports

  • Easily construct and print a "Casualty Loss" report

  • Insurance Company and Agent Detail

  • Current value of collectables and appreciable items

  • About to expire "Warranty" alerts

  • Many more.....

Considering there is no charge for this license of the Business Edition, and each of your customers will receive their own licensed copy of Computerize Your Assets - Extended Version, you will have no need to print reports for your customers as they will do this themselves. Think of the paper and resources you will save.

Therefore, this FREE licensing model of our "Business Edition" contains no report functionality.

A major benefit in using the FREE license model is updates and upgrades. You will ALWAYS have the most recent software. You will NEVER pay for a software upgrade.

Get your FREE user license now

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If you require report features, the subscription license is likely to be just what you need.

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Quarterly Subscription

Can't commit to the FREE license because some of your customers don't have a computer and you need the report features?

Get the best of both worlds with a subscription license.

This license includes a multitude of reports. It provides you the features necessary to offer a complete package, including reports which can be printed, saved as PDF files or HTML files. This is appropriate for your customers that may not have a computer, or for whatever reason, may not want to assume the privilege of managing their own home inventory in the future. Hard to imagine, but it could happen.

In exchange for us providing the reports in the Business Edition, all we ask is you commit to re-selling the 5 ( FIVE ) complimentary licenses of the Extended version of Computerize Your Assets included with your subscription to your customers that do have a computer. As in the FREE license, you may either re-sell them to your customers or optionally include it in your service price.

Here is how it works:
You purchase a Quarterly, auto renewing subscription for $175.00. Your initial subscription purchase will include 5 ( FIVE ) complimentary licenses for the Extended Version of Computerize Your Assets. These are then credited to your account for you to offer to your customers at your convenience.

Each Quarter, when your subscription is renewed, you receive an additional 5 ( FIVE ) complimentary licenses for the Extended Version and these are also added to your account.


Annual Usage Cost Analysis
Extended Version Retail Price$49.95
Annual FREE licenses with subscriptions20
Gross Profit when sold at retail$999.00
Annual cost of subscription license$700.00
Additional annual profit for your business$299.99
Your actual cost for the software($299.99)

What is truly unrivaled with this licensing model is that you never lose the license credits if they are not all used in the subscription period. They are rolled into the next subscription period.

Of course, if you require additional licenses for the Extended Version for your customers, they are available to you at the same substantial discount as in the FREE license.

One significant benefit to the "Subscription" option is never having to pay for software updates and upgrades. You will NEVER pay for a software upgrade.

Purchase your Quarterly Subscription here . . .

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Purchase License

Although the FREE and Subscription options provide you the opportunity to use our business edition software at no cost to you, your business model may be structured such that you can't, or have no interest in allowing your customers to take charge  of their own data.

Our third option is a direct purchase of a license to use Computerize Your Assets, Business Edition as a complete standalone product. This option does not include any complimentary licenses nor any discounts for purchases of the Personal Edition of Computerize Your Assets if you should elect to transfer the customers data to their computer.

Your customer still has the option of purchasing a license for the Personal Edition on their own and the functionality will still be at your disposal for rapid and accurate transfer of their inventory data files to their computer.

Purchasing this license provides one year of FREE updates for minor version releases of Computerize Your Assets - Business Edition. You may, however, be required to purchase future updates and/or major upgrades released beyond the initial free update period of one year.

Purchase your license now

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