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Home Inventory Business Software
Features and Benefits


One of the first things you will notice almost immediately when executing the home inventory business software from Computerize Your Assets, is the wealth of features and benefits available to you. Not only features to manage your customers home inventory, but manage your customers as well.

Our home inventory business software has but two objectives:

  1. Maximize Your Profit

  2. Minimize Your Effort

Below are just a few of the ways we accomplish these objectives.

  Simple Design  Unlimited Items

Much faster than using pen and paper. Enter only the detail you feel important for your customers needs. Pressing F1 will display a help file designed to give you answers, not confuse you.

No home is too large or too small. Whether your customer has 40 years of accumulation or is just starting out Computerize Your Assets is just right. You see, there are no limitations.

  Unlimited Categories  Unlimited Locations

You decide what to name your customers item categories and how many you need. Need a category for "Her Jewelry"? Simply create a new category and name it "Her Jewelry". Each customers categories are unique.

It doesn't matter whether you are inventorying a 40 room mansion or a 1 bedroom studio, there are no limitations on the number of rooms or item locations. In fact, you get to name them uniquely for each customer.

  Unlimited Support  Powerful Search Tool

Unlike some software companies, support is free and unlimited in some of our pricing models. Have a problem? We are always here to help.

Can't remember if you entered that engagement ring? Just type 'ring' into the search box and get the answer instantly.

  Photos/Images  Visual graphs

The only product you'll need, no matter how much stuff your customer has, regardless of how many kinds of stuff, no matter how many pictures you have of their stuff. We provide for an unlimited number of images per item in the catalog.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Instantly see the value of your customers assets in a graph. Available by Category or Location. Each of these are available to be sent to the printer if you like.

  Document Insurance  Document Warranties

Provide your customer with a little extra. Record their additional insurance policy information for items they may have of significant value.

You can do the same for any extended warranty information for each item in the catalog. Just one more way to provide a "value added" service for your customer.

  Image Enhancements  Home Videos

You don't have to depend on external imaging tools for pictures or images of less than perfect quality. A powerful image enhancement suite is built into the software.

You can take unlimited videos of locations in and around your customers property? Catalog and view them within the software.

  Summary/Detail Reports **

Need A Single Item Report **

Need a quick list of all the items in your customers catalog? No problem. Do you want to print a report with all the detail including the images? That's available as well.

You have added a new item to your catalog and now you need a single page report to include with your already printed inventory. You can do that. Computerize Your Assets is flexible and provides an abundance of simple little tasks that can make your job a bit easier.

  One Step Full Backup

  Built in security

Whether you are backing up your own system or an individual customers home inventory catalog, our software makes it easy for you. Everything is built right into the application and a mouse click or two away from reality.

Don't let the wrong people have access to your customers home inventory data -- our secure encryption and secure login is what you need and is completely optional.

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** Reports are unavailable in the FREE version  more...