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Computerize Your Assets - Business Edition Background

Computerize Your Assets - Personal Edition has emerged as one of the shimmering leaders in Home Inventory and Asset Management Software for the home/property owner since its introduction in the spring of 2005.

The "Extended" version was immediately recognized as such a powerhouse that we began receiving inquiries from our customers desiring to use this version to manage their Home Inventory Service Business.

At first glance, resulting from the "Multi Property" feature in the extended version, it would seem this could work quite nicely. Don't be miss-lead. The data files are constructed and referenced in such a fashion that it does not lend itself well to managing multiple customers/clients.


The good news is that we combined the "best" from CYA with a "Multiple Client" front end to produce a state of the art software program designed specifically for you to manage your "Multi Client Home Inventory Service Business".

Additionally, we have designed and built our marketing concept for the "Business Edition" allowing you the opportunity to maximize your profit potential while providing optimal service for your customers. A service they will be thankful for and offer no hesitation in recommending to their family, friends and neighbors.

It is worth mentioning again. We have provided you the ability to obtain and use our program FREE OF CHARGE. Would this help improve your profit?

"Download the "Trial Version", test it, and experience the power for yourself. Then you decide. There is, of course, no obligation. The trial version is a complete and full working software package with no restrictions. The only thing you will notice is all of the reports will be water marked as "Trial Version".

If you still have questions after viewing the information on our web site, or testing the Trial Version, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist you and answer any questions you have.